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Grills the superfine quality fresh seafood over an open fire to make it increase its flavor…..




 Original taste of fresh seafood is strengthened by ‘aburi’ or grill over an open fire.

‘Sushimaru’ carefully selects fresh seafood for their sushi depending on which fishing port comes from, such as prawn from Amakusa in Nagasaki and sea urchin from Hokkaido. “We never use any imported or frozen seafood. We cannot compromise on selecting of fresh seafood for our sushi.” Shopkeeper proudly says.


Single-hook fishing ‘kinki’ from Abashiri, in Hokkaido Single-hook fishing ‘kinme-dai’ from ‘Choshi’ in Chiba


For example, single-hook fishing ‘kinki’ or kichiji rockfish from Abashiri inHokkaidois cooked for ‘sashimi’ or slices of raw fish. ‘Kinki’ lives under 1500 meters depth in northern sea, therefore it always keeps rich fat. Now ‘kinki’ is one of the highest quality wild fishes fromHokkaido.  Another kind of deep-sea fish, single-hook fishing ‘kinme-dai’ or splendid alfonsino from ‘Choshi’ inChibais cooked in ‘aburi’. The skin of ‘Kinme-dai’ with rich fat is grilled over open fire in a minute to cut unnecessary fat, and then it is strengthened its taste and flavor. Conger eel is also cooked by ‘aburi’ after simmered in a stock.

Addition to the above items, other superfine quality of seafood, such as pink tuna, red tuna, salmon roe, and sea urchin are also included in the advantageous assorted nigiri-zushi. You will be able to enjoy eating delicious nigiri-zushi cooked by more than 35 years experienced owner chef.

“Please try to eat ‘aburi’ which increases original flavor and taste of seafood.” The shopkeeper & chef recommended.

‘Sushimaru’ is a long-established restaurant which has 43 years history since its opening. Find recommendations shown on the signboard in front of the restaurant.





‘Sushimaru’ 3,675 Japanese yen


Assorted nigiri-zushi consisted of 10 pieces of nigiri-zshi cooked with seasonal seafood, and a choice of 2 pieces of nigiri-zushi or a piece of nigiri-zushi cooked with a whole of conger eel


‘Doyo-gentei’ 3,150 Japanese yen

‘Tsukiji’ 2,625 Japanese yen


Assorted nigiri-zushi served only on Saturday which is consisted of 14 pieces nigiri-zushi cooked with seasonal fresh seafood.

Assorted nigiri-zushi consisted of 2 pieces of fatty tuna, amberjack, pink shrimp, sea urchin, scallop, ‘aburi’ or grilled salmon, Japanese omelet, a whole conger eel, and 6 cuts of red tuna roll



‘Daimyo’ 2,100 Japanese yen

‘Maguro 5-kind nigiri-zushi’

2,100 Japanese yen


Assorted nigiri-zushi consisted of Fatty tuna, red tuna, amberjack, salmon roe, pink shrimp, scallop, Japanese omelet, a whole of conger eel and 6 cuts of red tuna roll.

Assorted nigiri-zushi and roll-sushi cooked with five different kinds of tuna.



‘Takara-jima’ 3,675 Japanese yen

‘Maguro-ju’ 2,100 Japanese yen


‘Chirashi-zushi’ with 13 pieces of fresh seafood put on vinegared rice in a bowl

5 different kinds of tuna are put on vinegared rice in a lacquer ware box


‘Aburi-ju’ 3,150 Japanese yen




7 different kinds of ‘aburi’ or grilled seafood, salmon roe, and Japanese omelet are put on vinegared rice in a lacquer ware box.





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For travelers from overseas

As a certified guide-interpreter in English and also a writer of the website “Cool Japan Guide”, I am very happy to introduce ‘Tsukiji Market’. If you have something to ask, like to make reservation, or need English speaking tour guide when visit toTokyo, please feel free to contact us. Thank you for your kind cooperation, I am looking forward to your contact.

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