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The shopkeeper always tries purchasing high quality seafood materials for their ‘Kaisen-don’




Nakaya serves quite substantial ‘kaisen-don’ in reasonable price

‘Nakaya’ was the chief instigator of so-called ‘Kaisen-don boom’ in the market. ‘Kaisen-don’ is a bowl of vinegared rice with slices of fresh seafood putting on the top.

Mr. Iwata, the shopkeeper, had been trained how to choose high quality seafood since in his childhood, because his parents’ home runs intermediate wholesaler at the market. He purchases only wild tuna, and sea urchin without concerning which fishing port from, after careful examination every morning at the market. ‘Kaisen-don’ served at ‘Naskaya’ is not only looking beautiful but it is really delicious, because the shopkeeper never compromise on choosing seafood materials at the market.

“It is our task to educate children what is genuine and original taste of seafood through serving high quality dishes. Although, seafood has been expensive, we must try serving it in reasonable price.” Mr. Iwata, a man of strong will, proudly said.


Their signature menu ‘Kaisen-don’ is just 1,000 Japanese yen

The signature menu ‘Kaisen-don’ is arranged with high quality of 9 fresh seafood items, such as scallop, Alaskan pink shrimp, salmon roe, and snow crab,  are arranged on the top of a bowl of vinegared rice. Its price is just 1,000 Japanese yen. “There is no restaurant in the market that can serve it at this reasonable price.” The shopkeeper proudly said. He can purchase high quality seafood in rather lower cost, because his parents’ home runs intermediate seafood wholesale at the market.






Fried extra large prawn is also their recent popular menu

Along with a variety of bowls of vinegared rice with fresh seafood, another recent popular dish is ‘Fried big size prawns’. Neither its name nor which fishing port is kept secret because of limited arrival in the market. It is fried in whole with head and its elastic meat and original sweet taste recalls your supreme bliss. The recent menu is getting popular that is only 1,200 Japanese yen.  The tastiest part of prawn is actually its head. If you are not familiar with eating it, why don’t you simply ask the shopkeeper how to do? He will give you a good advice how to enjoy crunchy biting like ‘ebisen’ or rice cracker cooked with shrimp, and thick taste of brain part.

In addition, they also serve various kinds of tuna, such as ‘Toro-uni-ikura-don’, and ‘Toro-uni-nakaochi-don’. Southern bluefin tuna, as well as Pacific bluefin tuna are used for these bowls. 

Influenced by the shopkeeper’s hobby, the interior of ‘Nakaya’ is unexpectedly tropical, who is a surfer and Hawaii enthusiast. “I can purchase high quality fresh seafood in lower cost, because of the earliest information on arrival goods in the market.” Mr. Iwata says.





‘Uni-ikura-nakaochi-don’ 1450 Japanese yen

(A bowl of vinegared rice with sea urchin, salmon roe, and ‘nakaochi’ tuna put on top)


 Small pieces of wild tuna meat taken from between the bones, rich and thick taste of sea urchin, and rich flavored salmon pickled in soy sauce are put on the vinegared rice. Each original different taste and well balanced arrangement attracts your appetite.






‘Toro-uni-ikura-don’ 1,700 Japanese yen

(A bowl of vinegared rice with fatty tuna, sea urchin, and salmon roe put on top)


High quality fresh seafood materials are generously arranged on the top. Only ‘Nakaya’ can serve, because the shopkeeper’s parents run the intermediate wholesaler in the market.






‘Fried large size prawns’ (2 pieces) 1,200 Japanese yen


Although, what species and which fishing port come form are kept secret, it is another popular menu among regular customers.

‘Fried large size prawns’ (Set menu) 1,400 Japanese yen

A set menu is only available by 9:00 a.m.

A bowl of rice, miso soup, pickles, and a bowl of relish are served together.






‘Uni-iri-kaisen-don 1,700 Japanese yen


‘Uni-iri-kaisen-don is consisted 10 seafood items including the same ingredients as in the signature menu ‘Kaisen-don’ and sea urchin roe is also added on that.





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