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‘Dontaku’ is specialized in ‘Kaisen-don’ which is  a bowl of rice cooked with fresh seafood at quite reasonable price



You are delighted at a jumbo serving of ‘kaisen-don’

‘Dontaku’ restaurant enjoys an established reputation for choosing and purchasing of fresh seafood at the market, because it is one of the sister restaurants under the same management of ‘Iwasa-zushi’.

This restaurant in the market is specialized in serving a variety of ‘Kaisen-don’ or a bowl of vinegared rice with fresh seafood put on the top. ‘Kaisen-don’ with high quality fresh seafood materials are cooked and served  at ‘Dontaku’ with reasonable prices.




‘Meibutsu Tsukiji-don’

800 Japanese yen

3,000 Japanese yen


More than 12 kinds of ‘Kaisen-don’ are served here in which begins from 800 Japanese yen ‘Nama-nakaochi-don’ to ‘Meibutsu Tsukiji-don’ (3,000 Japanese yen). Over 20 items of fresh seafood are served in ‘Meibutsu Tsukiji-don’.


The menu board shown in front of the restaurant. 

‘Bara-chirashi’ 1,000 Japanese yen



It is one of the most attractive seafood restaurants, which serve high quality fresh seafood with rather lower price. Customers are often surprised with larger quantity of each dish compared with an image of the menu board shown in front of the restaurant.



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