MomokuroZ’s new year’s resolution

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“MomokuroZ”(Momoiro CloverZ), one of the top young female idol groups, declared their

new goal on the new year’s day.  

The  group’s first goal was to join and perform at Kohaku Utagassen, the Red and White singing contest on the new year’s eve , which MomokuroZ realized on Dec.31 2012. And now, the group has a new purpose that it will host live concerts at National Stadium ( in Yoyogi that is so closely located to NHK, the TV station where Kohaku is held.  That is how Momokuro has set out the “second chapter” of its activities of “dreams beyond Kohaku”. However, the stadium is currently under a renovation which is scheduled to complete in 2018, so the day to fulfill the group’s next dream has not been clearly set or predicted yet.



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