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Only the restaurant specialized in serving ‘tempura’ in the Tsukiji Market

Freshest seafood materials are deep flied crisp





Fresh seasonal seafood materials are deep fried piece by piece depending on your order!

Fragrance of sesame oil attracts you at its entrance area. ‘Tenfusa’ is only the restaurant specialized in serving ‘tempura’ in the Tsukiji Market. Fresh seafood, such as conger eel, prawn, and squid, will be deep fried. Home-made oil for deep frying is used, which is blended of rapeseed and sesame oils, and therefore, their tempura is cooked tenderly covered with crispy coating of batter. Tempura is dipped into the sauce in a few second before putting on the top of a bowl of rice, which is mixed with starch syrup. Special home-made sauce makes avoiding oily taste from ‘tempura’.

Freshest seafood materials, such as most popular items of conger eel and shrimps, big-eyed flathead, squid, and sand-smelts are deep fried after being dipped into coating of batter which is cooked crispy. Among these seafood materials, only ‘ikejime’ conger eel is used, which is prepared in the restaurant kitchen before cooking. ‘Ikejime’ conger eel is can be deep fried more tenderly than normal one.

*Ikejime is a method of paralyzing and bleeding fish to maintain its quality.

Mr. Suzuki, owner chef, is skillfully frying fresh seafood materials a piece by piece in a high quality frying oil. “As well as other seafood materials, using fresh seafood is essential. Especially a meat of conger eel will be changed stiff depending on losing freshness.” The chef said.


Different sizes of conger eels are used depending on every season. Smaller sized conger eel in summer and larger sized in winter are suitable for ‘tempura’.

Shrimps are basically used caught inTokyoBay. These shrimps with legs are deep fried in a few second. Combination in biting between tenderly fried meat and crispy legs really promotes your appetite.


Tenfusa’ is only one restaurant for serving delicious dishes of ‘tempura’ at the market.

 One of the popular menu items of ‘donburi’ is served after dipped into the sweet and hot sauce which is seasoned with shavings of dried bonito, mackerel, and sardine. As well as ‘donburi’ and set meals, you can also order ‘tempura’ a piece by piece among variety seasonal materials.

Because of their reasonable menu prices, you are easy to drop in ‘Tenfusa’ just for taking a break. Most of dishes listed on à la carte menu are priced below 1,000 Japanese yen.

‘Tendon’ (1,100 Japanese yen) one of the regular menu items is consisted of six or so seafood materials, such as conger eel, prawn, shrimps, big-eyed flathead, sand-smelts, and small sweet pepper. They are deep fried before putting on a bowl of rice.

As well as enjoy eating its high quality materials, a large number of customers are often attracted by its good fragrance and crispiness of ‘tempura’.




Ohebi-anogo-don 1,300 Japanese yen

(A bowl of rice served with deep-fried large prawn and conger eel put on top after being dipped in a special sauce)

 It is a kind of luxurious bowl of rice with deep-fried large size prawn and conger eel put on top. You can enjoy eating a nice combination of crispy prawn and tenderly fried conger eel. A large size prawn and a conger eel are put on a bowl of rice after being deep fried. Bowl of rice is cooked with the fresh rice polished from brown rice every day. A set of side dishes such as chilled tofu bean curd and pickled vegetables is also served to each ‘donburi’ together. Rice bran after polishing of rice is used for pickling vegetables. 


Tempura set 1,500 Japanese yen

(Assorted deep-fried seafood & vegetables are served together with a set of bowl of rice, miso-soup, and pickles.)



Tendon’ 1,100 Japanese yen

Shiba-ebi & anago-don

1,400 Japanese yen

A bowl of rice cooked with a few pieces of ‘tempura’ put on top after being dipped in a special sauce. *Ingredients will be changed in every season. A bowl of rice cooked with pieces of deep fried ‘Shiba-ebi’ and conger eel put on top after being dipped in a special sauce.  



Deep fried Shiba shrimp

Deep fried squid

500 Japanese yen

500 Japanese yen

A deep fried dish with good biting. Depending on your choice, it is better to eat with salt. Salt promotes delicious original taste of shrimp.



Deep fried big-eyed flathead

Deep fried conger eel

400 Japanese yen

550 Japanese yen

One of the precious dish conger eel is also served in à la carte menu.



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For travelers from overseas

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