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A restaurant must in the Tsukiji Market for seafood gourmet




The best quality seafood, such as ‘anko’ (angler), ‘kinki’ (broadbanded thornyhead), and ‘anago’ (conger eel), are skillfully cooked ……

‘Takahashi’ is a well known restaurant at the Tsukiji Market among seafood gourmets. Most dishes are changeable daily and therefore not listed on the regular menu. The menu is planed depending on the seafood materials purchased at the market every morning.

Gourmet for seafood, such as intermediate seafood dealers, famed chefs and Japanese cooks, and other seafood lovers, visit ‘Takahashi’ frequently for wishing the best dishes. A connoisseur would know ‘Takahashi’ is a restaurant for fine seafood at the Tsukiji Market.

This ordinary small restaurant serves really high quality seafood with reasonable price, which can be compared to dish served at first-class Japanese restaurants. The price gap between them is only possible at the Tsukiji Market.

Mr. Yoshikazu Takahashi, the third generation chef, is 39 years old. He had been working at the first-class Japanese restaurant after graduation from university and finally returned to his father’s restaurant. As it is common at these first-class Japanese restaurants, he always use high quality garnish and put a special attention on arrangement of dish.

For example, ‘kinki’ (broadbanded thornyhead), ‘menuke’ (Matsubara’s red rockfish), ‘natame-garei’ (slime flounder), and ‘nodokuro’ (rosy seabass) are the big four dishes in simmering. They are all delicious and can enjoy eating to your heart’s content.

Overnight dry fishes such as ‘ko-amadai’ (small horse-head fish), ‘yanagi-garei’ (willowy flounder), ‘ebo-dai’ (Japanese butterfish), and ‘kamasu’ (barracudas) also attract seafood gourmets.

If you like to taste all these popular fishes, you must visit ‘Takahashi’ so many times.



Simmered ‘anko’ (angler)

Grilled ‘sanma’ (Pacific saury)


They serve a variety dishes cooked with the high quality seafood materials every season. In winter, from the end of December to February, simmered ‘anko’ (angler) is served. ‘Takahashi’ has a sub title as ‘Anko-ya’ which means specialty restaurant for angler. Grilled ‘sanma’ (Pacific saury) with salt is one of the most popular items in autumn.

Although, its simmered ‘anko’ (angler) is well known dish, ‘Takahashi’ has other popular menu items, such as simmered ‘kinki’ (broadbanded thornyhead), and ‘anago-don’ or a bowl of rice cooked with conger eel.

Another attractive menu among their list is ‘super anogo-don’ or a bowl of rice with tenderly simmered conger eel double inserted middle and also put on top.

All dishes of à la carte are possible to be arranged as set meals if you pay 300 Japanese yen additionally, in which a bowl of rice, a bowl of miso soup, and other side dish are served together.






Chef Takahashi is particular about materials and tries to purchase only high quality seafood at the market.


There is every reason why this restaurant has a good reputation. First of all, they try to purchase only high quality seafood at the market.

Chef Masaru Takahashi, father of the present chef Yoshikazu, has an excellent eye for selecting high quality seafood. Under his father’s wise guidance, Chef Yoshikazu Takahashi purchases high quality seafood materials from intermediate seafood dealers at the market every morning after concerning on season, fishing port, sender, and fishing method.

We could understand why the restaurant attracts so many regular guests that these high quality seafood are served at a quite reasonable prices, in which usually used at first-class Japanese restaurants.

Secondly, their careful prearrangement on seafood is another reason.

Scales are removed from fish, and also the dark-flesh is removed carefully using with small brash. Then let the fish sit overnight after washing it in seawater. This careful prearrangement makes fish more delicious when it is cooked.



Grilled ‘mebaru’ (black rockfish)

Simmered ‘mebaru’ (black rockfish)


We would like to introduce grilled or simmered black rockfish, one of their signature dishes, this time. Some regular guests come and eat the same every day. “It is rather a lightly seasoned dish, but I always want to have it.”

“Although, people say the best season for black rockfish is early spring which is also good season for bamboo shoot, recently its best season comes in winter caused by global warming. Actually it is available in all season, and is a good fish for simmering, grilling, steaming, and even for overnight drying.” Chef Takahashi said.

The popular fish ‘aka-mebaru’ (black rockfish) is comes from Sado Island in summer and Tsugaru Straitin winter. This fish has been graded up as one of the most popular items among seafood at the Tsukiji Market now.

A variety of popular seafood items are purchased at the market. Chef Masaru (father) usually does prearrangement of these purchased fishes and chef Yoshikazu (son) cooks them. Every fish used in ‘Takahashi’ looks really beautiful after prearrangement and even after being cooked. It proves their best selection of seafood and good prearrangement on them. 

There are menu boards and information at the entrance, which are handwriting made by chef Yoshikazu himself. Not only describing of which fishing port comes from, or cooking method, there is his full affectionate to fish.







He cooks their signature dish ‘simmered kinme-dai’. He usually uses ‘kinme-dai’ (alfonsino) from Choshi fishing port, because of its good taste. It is one of the most popular dishes and therefore more than 30 dishes are served on Saturday.











Simmered ‘mebaru’ (black rockfish)


Grilled ‘mebaru’ (black rockfish)

2,000 Japanese yen

(the current price)


2,000 Japanese yen

(the current price)

A black rockfish is simmered in a mixture of water, ‘sanonto’ sugar, and soy sauce. Adding of fish broth made with ‘kinki’ (broadbanded thornyhead) or ‘kinme-dai’ (alfonsino) makes it more delicious. It is seasoned in rather simple and refined taste which brings you feeling gentle and slight sweetness.   A skewered black rockfish after sprinkled of natural salt is grilled in distant open fire. Natural salt brings it refreshing taste and its skin is one of the best among grilled fish.



Anago-don 1,300 Japanese yen (the current price)

A bowl of rice with tenderly simmered conger eel put on top. A bowl of miso soup, a small side dish, and pickles are served together.



Grilled ‘anago’ (conger eel)


Simmered ‘kinki’

(broadbanded thornyhead)

1,500 Japanese yen

(the current price)


3,500 Japanese yen

(the current price)

Conger eel is only served when they have a large quantity of supply at the market. Slightly grilled conger eel is soft and tender. It is better eating it without putting soy sauce, but with ‘sudachi’ orange and grated ‘wasabi’ horse radish.   We would like to have a try eating simmered ‘kinki’ (broadbanded thornyhead) from Abashiri, Hokkaido. Mouth feel of its tender meat and delicious taste of meat in fish broth is in complete harmony. It is worth eating than its price.



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