In WBC, Japan came from behind against Brazil for a 5-3 victory

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Japan won Brazil by 5-3 in the opening game of the World Baseball Classics (WBC)(  at  Fukuoka Yafuoku! Dome in Fukuoka City on the March 2nd. The development of the game was quite dramatic and Brazil had got the first score in the first inning but under the  2-3 state, Japan got the winning 3 scores  intensively with the winning hit of  a pinch hitter  Shinnosuke Abe in the 8th inning and finally received a memorable come-from-behind victory at last.

This WBC series is the 3rd one and  Japan was the winner of the both of the past two series.  Kouji Yamamoto, the manager of Samurai Japan (the Japanese team) said ,”It was really a tough game as Brazil was a formidable opponent. I am happy my players honorably brought a come-from-behind victory. And Shinnosuke was the one I believed in to count on in that critical situation. He was full of high morale and I did sensed his passion.  Though the game was a tough one, I believe this experience will be our energy source for tomorrow.”

On the other hand, Barry Larkin, the manager of the Brazilian team said, “It was a very good game. The two teams did the best and our team tried to be dominant, making much of our tactics and strategies, but Japan was one level higher,for which we were defeated.  We had known it would be difficult to defeat Japan. Though we lost we have been confident in ourselves and  are dignified. Our players also shared the tense in our team  just like the time when we defeated Panama in the preliminary game. ”

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