“TOKYO LINE SHIBUYA station park~Three Days of Arigato and Sayounara”

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  As I wrote here before,  Shibuya station’s  Toyoko line building put an end to its 85-year history on March 15th.  Tokyu Corportaion  hosted a special event of  “TOKYO SHIBUYA station park~Three days of Arigato and Sayounara” March 22-24.(http://www.tokyu.co.jp/contents_index/guide/pdf/130308-1.pdf)

In the event the ex-Tokyo Line’s building was decorated as a festvitie’s venue of a “green park”, hosting  various programs such as jazz live concerts,  exhibitions of plarail  dioramas, and others.  the area was regarded as a green park and  visitors were allowed to pick stones used for the railroad tracks in token. A lot of  visitors including  fans of  Toyoko line, railroads, Shibuya and others enjoyed themselves with the items and events for a salute to the old Toyoko line building with “Arigato”(thank you) and “Sayounara”(good bye).

some rails and parts of the old tracks actually used were sold. Memorial plaques of old parts were made as well.

a memorial cut rail
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