Zenkoji Ekoin special disclosure ceremony

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Zenkoji Ekoin, an annex temple of  Zenkoji, a famous and popular Buddhist temple in Nagano pref. , in Ryogoku Tokyo hosts  a special  series of ceremonies April 27-May 19.(http://ekoin.or.jp/event201301/#eventdetail)

As I wrote in my last post,  Ryogoku is a “home town” of  sumo culture and Ekoin is in that area.  In the Edo Period (1603-1868),  sumo matches were primarily held at that temple and  Nezumi-kozou, a popular “good thief”‘s grave site is there as well.  In that period the temple hosted  special ceremonies for consolation of  souls of the victims of  fires, accidents, and other calamities often. So, this time the temple hosts special ceremonies for the victims of  the Great East Japan Earthquake. Such ceremonies are held for the first time in the postwar days.

The basic ceremony is called “Degaicho”, a disclosure ceremony, in which enshrined Buddha images usually hidden and other special treasures usually hidden are disclosed to the public for promoting offerings for donations and contributions for the victims and rebuilding projects.

During the ceremony term, some events are also held, such as music conserts, comic story telling, kabuki, noh, parades of monks, sumo wrestlers, and , temple infants, and others.

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