Why don’t you join and experience the tea ceremony at Meiji Shrine?

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Tea Ceremony


Hibiki members are volunteers authorized by the Meiji Shrine. We offer a tea ceremony to people from overseas as a part of the international cultural exchange program.

Thanks to the Meiji Shrine and the International Nodate Association, the tea ceremony is held in a traditional Japanese house which is not usually open to the public.  The Meiji Emperor partly designed the Japanese garden and built the house for the Empress.

During the ceremony, a tea host or hostess is accompanied by an English translator and serves a cup of powdered green tea with Japanese confectionary.  The ceremony takes about 60 minutes. It costs 1,000 Yen per person. (including tea, confectionary, English translation service by professional interpreter–guides, and admission to Gyoen Japanese Garden). Thousands of irises start flowering.

The tea ceremony sessions start at 10:30 am and 2:00 pm, so please come to Harajuku gate by 10:00 am or 1:30pm   .  We will take you to the teahouse (about 8 minutes’ walk). Upon request we also offer a free-guided tour to the main shrine before (or after) the ceremony.

We are looking forward to seeing you.




                              Date:    June 2, 2013


                              Time:   morning session at 10:00 am

                                         afternoon session at 1:30 pm


                              Meet:   Harajuku Torii Gate of Meiji Shrine


                              Place:   Kakuuntei house in Gyoen Japanese Garden


                              Collection: 1,000Yen        


For further information, please contact


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