Hello, I show you my Art.

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Hello. I’m kaosu.

Today I’ll show you my lifetime work “KONTON project”

I took piano lessons when I was 3 years old.

At first, I took lessons from my mothers friend.

I started from Beyer Piano Manual.

But I was disregard of Beyer Manual, and I began to play the piano freely without music theory or score.

KONTON project started when I was 3 years old

Hear you can see my music world.


KONTON means CHAOS – kaosu

I’m on recuperation.

2012, I was broken down.

So 2013, I will restore.

I’m enjoying talking with Russian,French,Singaporean and American.

Art talks. There lies no words.


My Facebook

next , I’ll write about Japanese Goth,Lolita and Fairy Club Event “Heavy Pop”

and there is a lot of Japanese V-rock artist I want to introduce you.

see you later !





KONTON poject 

Total Executive





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