Sing your heart out and stream it live! Joysound meets Nikoniko videos

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The franchise karaoke team, “Joy sound” and “Nikoniko video” collaborated to provide the latest service called ” Niko kara room”. The selling point of this service is to stream live while you sing your heart out.

Customers who desire to stream would rent a laptop and connect the LAN cable to the karaoke machine.Then, you would enter your  Niko kara ID and pick the song you would sing. Everything you need for streaming, such as cameras are lent out for free.


Viewers are able to add comments below the videos.

Both sides are able to enjoy this system. Viewers are able to request songs they want the singer to sing.


Users are mainly 20’s and 30’s. The majority of them sings anime songs, as well as songs made from vocaloid. Some customers sings a long with their friends as if they are at a party.


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