Loose socks, the JKs must item makes a come back with a modern twist

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Ties, ribbons, pleaded mini skirts… the list goes on and on for stylish Japanese school girls who wants to set them a part from their fellow class mates.

Loose socks were definitely the holy grail item for the school girls in the late 1900s. But, the loose socks did not just end as a fad. It made a come back with a modern and  a more sophisticated twist. Coloured socks.




Loose socks were only used for school girls to match with their uniforms, but the new loose socks are designed to match for a wider age range and outfits.

Wearing them with regular outfits, and doubling it up… Many girls show their creative taste in fashion with it. It has made a big change from how it was originally worn from the school girls. Plain white.

In these couple of years, pairing up socks with outfits has become the style.
Girls strong demands for variations has made a shift to the loose socks. After models started wearing loose socks in this spring’s fashion magazines, it made a huge hit.

The girls favourite style seems to be wearing navy high socks underneath the loose socks and let it peak at the top. This prevents from the loose socks falling loose, and it makes your legs look toned.


With different colours, materials, and combinations, the style you can go for is countless.


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