Musical “SEMPO”, a story of Japanese Schindler

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“SEMPO”, a musical play describing a stroy of an actual Japanese diplomat who saved a lot of lives of Jews during WW2 was performed at New National Theater in Hatsudai Tokyo Sep.10-29. (




The word SEMPO is a nickname of a Japanese diplomat who issued visas to Jews who were persecuted by Nazi during WW2 in Kaunus Lithuania.  His real name is Chiune Sugihara who was a vice-consul of that country in 1940.(

Sugihara is called “Japanese Schindler”, as he saved about 6000 Jews by issuing Japanese visas to them ,which  enabled them to  escape from European countries where they were suffering despite  the-then Japanese government had prohibited him to do so. After WW2, he was dismissed for violation of the order, yet he received honor of Righteos Among Nations from Israel and Japanese government gave an official apology to his bereaved family of the unfair dismissal.

The musical play was a touching work with good actors and singers. His strong belief of justice and agony of dilemma between his loyal duty to the government and his own chivalry or conscience were all described in detail. Sugihara’s part was played by Kouji Kikkawa, a popular rock-n-roll singer as well as an actor. AKB48’s members Haruka Katayama and Amina Sato played the part of his sister-in-law in turn.










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