“That” place, which is full of surprises!

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“That” place… it”s the place everyone is talking about. ASOKO, translated to ” that”place, opened in one of the hottest fashion spots, Harajuku.

On September 27th (Fri) 2013, the daily goods store flagship, ASOKO opened in Harajuku.


Colourful, playful, exciting… More than 1000 items from around the world is displayed in a gallery like space. Once you step in to this store, I swear you will feel like a kid in a candy store. You will be amazed and gazed!

The concept of this store is ” to enjoy surprises!”  Who doesn’t like surprises?
You might be wondering what kind of surprises this store offers.


This deliciously looking burgers and cherries are are actually erasers! and to add icing on the cake, it’s only 21 yen!

They offer a wide range of prices: the lowest being 21 yen and highest being 20,000 yen.
You will be in awe with the prices and range of goods they give you.

Generations and gender is not a problem when it comes to this store. They offer a wide range of items, not only stylish, but playful and gives you a fun twist to the design.


Take a wild guess! What does this burger look like?
If you  guessed to be a memo pad, you are absolutely right! It’s one of the most popular item in Osaka.
(small: 105 yen, large:210 yen)
This burger has his friends too! Sandwiches and Hot dogs!


” ASOKO” Harajuku store gives pleasant surprises and a little spice to the ordinary “Congratulations” and “Thank you” gifts. Please step in to the store that is filled with surprises.

<ASOKO Harajuku flagship>
Address:Tokyo Shibuya wwrd, Meiji Jingu-mae 6-27-8

Tel: 03-6427-9965
Hours of operation: 11:00~20:00
Days of holiday: Not decided



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