Sparkle in the eyes, popularity for coloured lenses hiking up

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…  but the definition of a beautiful girl seems to be changing for young Japanese girls. Coloured lenses are gaining its popularity again.

Coloured lenes used to be a holy grail item for teenage “gals”,making their eyes stand out and giving it that extra “pop”. Recently, many women in their 20’s and 30’s are relying on contacts, rather than make up . Compared to before, there are wider variations in contacts, such as lenses that are framed with black linings to make your eyes appear larger, which enables women to wear less make up and still look beautiful. With easy access to contacts, many young women find it easy to shop for lenses, as if they are shopping for make up.

Making their eyes look larger in a natural way, circle lenses seems to be the favourite type for many girls. An office worker who has been using circle lenses for a year commented, ” Wearing colour lenses defines your eyes and makes me feel better. Without them, I feel a bit naked”.



Blue lenses to brighten up your face, circle lenses to define your eyes… the list of types of lenses goes on and on.
For girls who wants to  stand out from the crowd, why not try lenses with patterns of laces and animated characters.


A beauty magazine editor said,

” Women these days have the tendency to go for light natural eye make up to avoid looking too counterfeit. With light make up, it makes them look “born beautiful””.


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