Furry Fluffy paws and head

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Not only because of Halloween, but in Japan dressing up in animal paw mittens and furry animal hats are starting to become a trend.


Walking around in these wild outfits seems a bit nerve racking, but matching it up with your friends makes it exciting.

For those shy ones out there, wearing these cute ducklings socks might be the item for you.

The design of these socks makes it look like your feet are getting bit by ducks and snakes! yikes!

“I’m a sucker for these kind of unique items. When I see them at stores, I can’t help but to buy them. I just have a thing for them!” It is a big craze for young teenage girls.


Socks with paws are sold for those who prefer to ” take a small part” in being an animal. 

And for girls who prefer to switch back to human any time they want, masks that makes you look like this bear is a must for you.

Furry animal costume is a fashion item for fall and winter. It seems like the trend will be hiking up even more!


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