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 A wholesaler for high quality “nori” dried laver at reasonable prices

“Daimaru” has running business here in “ame-yoko” as a wholesaler of “nori” dried laver since 1947. It is the largest store in the district where domestic “nori” dried laver, green tea powder, and “konbu” dried sea tangle are on display. They are dealing with only high quality goods with reasonable prices, for example a pack (100 pieces) of “nori” dried laver is just 1,000 yen.


They are also dealing with Korean food, such as red pepper and tteokbokki. As well as local Japanese citizens, the shop has a large number of Korean customers.

Tteokbokki, also known as ddeokbokki, topokki (in Japan) or dukboki, is a popular Korean snack food which is commonly purchased from street vendors or pojangmacha. Originally it was called tteokjjim (떡찜), and was a braised dish of sliced “mochi” rice cake, meat, eggs, and seasoning.

You can find variety of food materials for souvenir and daily use as well.


Bargain goods


“Ariake” brand toasted laver

Standard size 50 pieces 1,000 yen



Good taste “ariake” brand from Kyushu.

Although, some pieces in the package has defects, such as crinkles, tiny holes, they are still good quality as your daily use at very competitive price. It is one of the best seller goods.


“Sanwa” brand “yuzu-cha”; an aromatic citron tea

7,500 yen (1 kg×9 pieces)


In Korea, there is a traditional tea called ‘yuzu citron tea’ (pronounced yujicha), which is made by diluting yuzu citron simmered like marmalade with hot water or water. Traditional citron tea from Korea is very sweet and rich in vitamin C. In summer, cold citron tea and citron tea sour are also recommendable. “Sanwa” brand is one of the best among Korean citron tea products.


Roasted Korean laver “Sanbuza”(三夫子)

500 yen (3 pieces in a pack)



One of the popular roasted Korean lavers “Sanbuza” (三夫子) brand is on sale at very competitive price. Please order more than 4 packs at once.

Address: 〒110-0005
  Ueno 6-10-13, Taito-ku,Tokyo,Japan
Phone: 03-3831-2997
Fax: 03-3831-6955
Business hours: 10:00-20:00
Closed on: New Years day
URL: http://www.daimaru-k.net/
e-mail: info@daimaru-k.net


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