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Popular seafood store for “O-toro” and “Chutoro” fatty tuna at competitive prices



“Shimizu” is running business just near the statue of “nigiwai-zo.” Prices on their seafood is always based on their policy “customer first”, for example, “bachi” big eye tuna 1,000 yen/400-450g, 120g×10 salmon slices.

“Now, it is just 1,000 yen enough!” A vivid voice of the store staff attracts your arrival. A large number of fatty tuna packages are on display, so you are hard to select among them. Most packages have set priced on from 4,000 to 5,000 yen, but they are welling to sell them at 1,000 yen at their bargain sale.



Conversation between a customer and the store staff goes on like that;

The store staff: “They are all 1,000 yen. It is the best buy.”

While, the customer is confusing,

The store staff: “How about add one more package of “toro” pinky tuna on it. So it will be 2,000 yen altogether.”

The customer: “I won’t be able to finish two packages. I would like to have just one package enough.”


The store staff: “They are all good quality tuna. Try to choose good one among them, if you like.” (Citizens in “shitamchi” Tokyo tend to be short-tempered.)

The customer: “I like this.” He could buy the highest price fatty tuna in 1,000 yen, which was priced on 5,830 yen.


Address: 〒110-0005
  Ueno 6-10-7, Taito-ku,Tokyo,Japan
Phone: 03-3836-4700
Business hours: 9:00-19:30
Closed on: 2nd Wednesday


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