Easy Rain Hack UnBRELLA

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A rainy day ruins your day. Your shoes get wet, your feet gets cold, your hair frizzes…(I’m sure we’ve all been through that.)

hconcept, a lifeware concept store designed a completely new type of UnBRELLA (Upside Down Umbrella) will be sold from 2014, February. (9450 yen)

You might be thinking that’s a bit pricey for an umbrella, but it makes your rainy day less of a hassle.
It is designed in a way that even if you close it upside down, water drops won’t fall over yourself.


Since the side that isn’t exposed to the rain is facing outside when you close it, you won’t be covered in raindrops, as you have experienced before with your typical umbrellas.


Even more exciting news! It stands by itself when you close it, and you can close it clock wise or counter clock wise. The framing structure is facing outside when you open the umbrella. (Almost like what you happens to your umbrella on a windy day!)


The binds for the  framing structure are made from brass, but  framing structure itself are made from glass fibre, so no worries for rusting! Now doesn’t make you want to run out in a rainy day?

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