Evangelion meets Japanese swords. – Ueno Mori Art Museum

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“Evangelion and Japanese Sword Exhibition” is held at Tokyo, Ueno Mori Art Museum from November 23rd (Sat.) to December 23rd (Monday/holiday).

Greatly talented Japanese sword craftsmen are showing off their intricate and meticulous skills through their inspiration from Evangelion. Perfectly duplicating the weapons used in the anime, their art work is just amazing.

They took the challenge of creating a modern design Japanese sword by using the characters as their muses.
More than 50 craftsmen took their time to create and show their weapon pieces that were used in another story of Evangelion. The weapons, ” Bizenosafune” and “Magoroku-E Sword”, got their fancy names off a real sword “Bizennakafune” and ” Sekikaji no Magoroku”. (The weapon’s name were a give a way eh?!)



Visitors gets the chance to study and learn the basic information of the swords, such as the color, pattern and the shape.

Bizenosafune Sword artist: Matsuba Kuniasa (Miyazaki Prefecture)



Pieces that are exhibited includes 22 collaboration pieces (spears, swords, war helmets, masks), to the historic differences that the swords went through (as well ashand guard, pattern, war helmets).Other fun items includes sword panels, Evangelion panels, and life size character panels.



The Evangelion and Japanese Swords Exhibition
From 2013/11/23 (Sat/holidays) ~ 12/23 (Monday/holidays) * Running everyday
Place: First floor of Ueno Mori Art Museum
Address: Tokyo, Daito ward, Ueno park 1-2
Hours of operation: 10:00~17:00 (Entrance closes 30min before end time)
Admission: The day of: 1,000 yen, University/High school students: 800 yen,  Junior High/Elementary school students: 600 yen


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