Chicken man Ameyoko Store

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Chicken man Ameyoko Store

 Well-done Western style roast chicken


You can enjoy chicken in “Ameyoko” market of Tokyo downtown. A very casual environment you can eat sitting or standing while watching all the excitement of the only free and old style market in Tokyo. “Chicken man” serves roast chicken just after cooked in their kitchen. They serve real Western style roast chicken at very reasonable price, which is seasoned with salt, pepper, and herbs, but without using fat. It is a convenient restaurant when you are a bit hungry.

The group has another dinning bar style restaurant in “Roppongi.” Compare to their sister restaurant in “Roppongi” that in “Ameyoko” is just like a casual roadside stand.


Whole pieces of skewered chicken are spinning in the roaster arranged on the bar in front of the restaurant. Although, you can take out their roast chicken, most delicious one is bite just after cooked hot chicken at their restaurant.


There is a variety of attractive menu items, but most recommendable one is a set of quarter-size chicken with potato (500 Japanese yen).

Taste of potato is not bad here which is cooked with meat broth from upper part of the roaster.



A kitchen staff cut quarter size out from the whole piece of roasted chicken, then put a bit salt, pepper, and basil powder.

If you like, put a bit of chili sauce on it.

You can enjoy simple but tender taste of real roast chicken, when you bite it. Its crispy skin is also delicious with good taste.

And pieces of chopped potatoes cooked with meat broth from upper part of the roaster, which I have mentioned, is wonderful.

You may need one more glass of beer.

Chicken man Ameyoko Store
Address: 〒110-0005
  Ueno 4-7-8, Taito-ku,Tokyo,Japan
Phone: 03-3835-8089
Business hours: 10:00-20:00
Closed on: None


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