“Yae-no Sakura” Drama museum in Aizu-wakamatsu

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“Yae-no Sakura”(/Cherryblossoms of Yae ), is a  popular period drama currently  aired, describing biography of  Yae Niijima, a  “handsome woman”  who  made a lot of  remarkable activities  at the turinig point of Japan from the Edo Period to the Meiji era of modern society about 150 years ago in Aizu Fukushima.  For this one year,  related  cultural campaign activies are being done in Aizu area. And one of the is the the service of the “Taiga Drama Museum” (http://yae-sakura.jp/dramakan)

The drama deals the information on the background of  the processes of making the drama and historical and actual aspects of  the life of  Yae and related people and events in thsoe days, So, we can learn plenty of things about both the drama and  history.  I visited this facility on 23rd and found it so interesting, and feel the need to introduce it to those who are interested in the Japanese modernization processes and the  popular drama, “Yae-no Sakura”

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