A complexed shop of MUJI and the LOFT in Shibuya

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A complexed shop of MUJI and the LOFT; a new type of enterprise proudly opened in Shibuya now!


Beautifully lit, with a stylish simplistic decor,  an enormous MUJI shop has opened in the Movida section of Shibuya Seibu department store (2013/11/29 (Fri)).

With their first attempt of a complexed store with the popular store “LOFT”, the “LOFT&” is located on the 6th and 7th floor.


If you are a stylish individual, this service may be the one for you. A handy service which allows you to customize items that you’ve purchased at MUJI. Only at this location (on the first floor), you can carve your name, or add prints and embroideries.


Wrapped in a warm and organic feel, the ” Café & Meal MUJI” located on the 2nd floor across the Movida section is a deli-restaurant space. The theme of this restaurant is “Natural Ingredients”. You can savour seasonal, scrumptious vegetables and “build-your-own lunch plate”.


The 3rd floor includes women’s wear, as well as health and beauty while the 4th floor is men’s wear and stationaries. Focusing on being fashion forward, both floors are selling the new skinnies and stretch denims.


For anyone with children, the 5th floor is for you. A children’s wear and the first play room built by MUJI. In a wooden spacious area, both families and expectant mothers are welcome to relax and play with their children.


In the busy life on Tokyo, you need a time to breathe and relax. the “Loft&” on the 6th floor creates an atmosphere filled with nature. Their theme is ” To live and live with nature”. Collecting functional and useful everyday goods from around the world, they provide you SNOW PEAK  and other products with the essence of “FOUND MUJI”.


<Store Information>

* MUJI Shibuya Seibu Department store

Address: Tokyo Shibuya-ward Udagawa City 21-1


Floors:B1~5F(2F Café & Meal MUJI)

Hours of operation:10:00~21:00

Surface area of the floor:1980㎡


■Cafe&MealMUJI Shibuya Seibu

Address: Tokyo Shibuya-ward Udagawa City 21-1  2nd floor
Hours of operation:10:00~21:00(”build you own lunch” from 11:00~20:30)
Numbers of seatings:80



Address: Tokyo Shibuya-ward Udagawa City 21-1   6-7 floor

Hours of operation:10:00~21:00

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