Moses’s Kebab / Shop 2

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 Moses’s Kebab / Shop 2 


Can enjoy a full-bodied kebab with quite reasonable price


Well-known best sandwich around the world “kebab.”

A savory smell of beef or chicken and fresh vegetable wrapped in a piece of pita bread, is now very popular among visitors to “Ameyoko” market, including people from overseas.

While there are a number of chain restaurants serving döner kebab in Japan, Moses’s Kebab” is a proprietorship under Mr. Moses fromGhana.

Even it is a kind of roadside stand, there are four benches in front of the stand, and so you can enjoy eating there. A piece of kebab is actually not easy to finish while standing.


Nice roasting fragrant is in the air when you approach to the stand.

Both, roast beef and chicken are served for their kebabs, so you can order one of them, or mixed of both.

Their sauce is categorized in five levels of hotness; each of them has a very unique name.



1、ORIGINAL(Akachan Special)
  Home-made original mayonnaise+ketchup sauce
2、MIX(Inoue Special)
  Home-made original mayonnaise+chili sauce
3、CHILLI(Takizawa Special)
  “Pili-kara” burning sauce
4、MIX+CHILI(Kobayashi Special)
  Mix sauce + Chili sauce
5、CHILLI×2(Yamazaki Special)
  Extremely hot sauce


A piece of kebab is 500 Japanese yen, no matter you order beef, chicken, or mixes of both meat. If you order a set with a middle size drink, it will be 600 Japanese yen.

Four layers of vegetable and meat are wrapped in a piece of pita bread in semicircular shape.

Vegetable is consisted of mainly chopped cabbage and a few cuts of tomato and cheese are mixed together.

Moses’s Kebab / Shop 2
Address: 〒110-0005
  Ueno 4-7-8, Taito-ku,Tokyo,Japan
Phone: 03-3837-4774
Business hours: 9:00-21:00
Closed on: None



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