Girls sporting the “Two block” hairdo

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Many Japanse girls are sporting the “Two block” hairdo.

Although it may not be the easiest hairstyle to pull off, many girls are shaving the side of their hair for this edgy look.

Couple years ago, singer Kaela Kimura stole the spotlight with her new hairstyle, which  became an epidemic. Recently IMALU and Yuko Oshima from AKB48 has this hairstyle too.

The shaved blonde side gives a splash of colour and contrast to her whole appeal.
A quick way (but needs some courage to!)  to look all fashion forward. Anyone dare to?


It’s popular amongst teens and the 20’s, which they have the flair for pigmented colours.
Majority of them goes for the boyish look or not the typical colour you would choose.

For the not so courageous ones out there, why not play hide and seek with your hair? Keeping a section of your hair long to cover the blocks gives you the subtle look. Worried that short hair doesn’t suit you? Don’t want to go all at it? Then this look is for you.

When wearing jeans, you can complete the look by tying your hair up to show off the shaved side. On girly days where skirt is the thing, you can disguise the edgy  look by covering it with your hair.

The popularity of this look seems to capture women’s heart who are lured to the androgynous look of wild yet feminine. I’m sure most girls would second guess to shave off  a whole lot of hair! So, the two block it is 🙂

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