B1F in Ameyoko Center Building

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B1F inAmeyokoCenterBuilding

Grocery stores for ethnic food materials on B1F in Ameyoko Center Building



Rare food materials are brought from all over the world


Some of you like to walk freely around market places in South-east Asian courtiers, India, or the Middle East. There is an ethnic food market in “Ameyoko.” You may be interested in looking something unfamiliar foodstuffs and groceries on the basement floor in Ameyoko Center Building. You must feel like you were in a market place in the South-east Asian country. You can hear no more conversation in Japanese, but in Chinese, Korean, Thai, or Vietnamese instead. Smell from seafood, meat, and spices are different from ours. Variety foodstuffs from Asian countries are displayed at about 10 shops on the basement floor.

It is full of exoticism with different smell from ethnic foodstuffs. Nobody doubts that you may in a grocery store in Hong Kong.


The basement floor of Ameyoko Center Building is a kind of wonderland where rare food materials mainly from Asian countries, such asChina,Thailand,India, andPhilippines are on sale. You may be choked with something different smell of Asian food soon after the automatic door is opened at the entrance of the basement floor. People usually hesitate to step down to the basement floor.

However, there is a variety of ethnic restaurants nearby JR Ueno Station. The floor is specialized for those restaurant owners.


Unfamiliar bunches of banana are displayed. Mainly, Chinese foodstuffs are selling here.


At glance, it looks like a normal Japanese seafood monger’s shop, but something different.


Chops of unknown parts of meat are roughly displayed at a butcher’s shop.



A variety of groceries are also available here. Packs of “mKfGn” rice vermicelli, “harusame” gelatin noodles, beans, and other items are crammed on the shelves.


A variety seasonings and different brands of canned or bottled juice are also on display.


Address: 〒110-0005
  Ueno 4-7-8, Taito-ku,Tokyo,Japan
Phone: 03-3831-0069
Business hours: 10:00-20:00
Closed on: 3rd Wed.
URL: http://www.ameyoko-center-bldg.com/


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