Nozawaya/Grocery store

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Nozawaya/Grocery store



Entrust “Nozawaya” with every kind of Asian food materials!


“Nozawaya” on the basement floor of the Ameyoko Center Building has a large stock of Asian spices and food materials. Its earlier stages of business after the war, “Nozawa” had been a food store for seafood delicacies, but in the 90s, increased number of Asian clients has asked them to provide ethnic food materials. With trying to meet the demand, “Nozawaya” has more than 1,200 imported items in the store which make their clients satisfied. Over 50% of their clients are not Japanese but foreign people from various countries, such asKorea,India, andVietnam. They provide not only professional seasonings but for everyday use home cooking.


Variety of spices


There are 173 items from all over the world, including characteristic items of curry powder imported directly from each country.


Variety of imported beans



Beans are most common daily food items in foreign countries, especially in Indiaand other countries in the South America. Beans are widely used as an ingredient for curry and stewed dishes. “Nozawaya” sells beans suitable for such daily foreign dishes.


Indonesian food


When you visit Indonesia, such as Bali, you will be attracted with good taste of their local dishes. “Nozawaya” provide food materials for such beautiful dish.


Chinese food



A proverb in both Chinaand Koreasays that a balanced diet leads to a healthy body, and therefore there is every reason for each food. The Korean dish “Samgyetang” is a typical medicinal chicken dish for apatite your health. It is sure to find any food materials for such a special medicinal dish. You like to eat coolly dishes on hot summer time and hot and warm dishes on cold winter. Yes, you can find such a peculiar ethnic food materials at “Nozaway.”


Philippine food


Do you really know what Philippine dishes are? Compare to Indian or Thai dishes, rather a few people know what they are. Now a large number of people from Philippine are living in Tokyo. Peculiar food items for those people, such as Halo-halo, Bagoon, and Chicharon are also available.


Thai food & Vietnam food


Spicy Thai curry and Tom yum goong are really attractive ethnic food. Good fragrant of nam pla and coconut make your appetite increased. These ethnic dishes are competing popularity with Indian curry in home cooking. “Nozawaya” provide various food materials for spicy Thai andVietnam dishes.


Indian, Pakistan, and Bangladesh food


People in these countries worship Allāh. Halāl food items are essential for their diet. Most food items providing for them have “Halal-mark”.


Fresh vegetables and fruits


Seasonal Asian fresh vegetables and fruits are available here. You can enjoy real oriental taste and fragrant in fresh.


Chinese tea from China and Taiwan


“Nozawaya” provide variety Chinese tea leaves imported from the mainlandChina andTaiwan, so you can find favorite items among them.


Nuts and miscellaneous cereals


“Nozawaya” has a rich stock of nuts and cereals. You will realize good taste of these nuts and cereals when you eat in steamed rice, soup, or salad.


Frozen meat


Rare frozen meat items are available here, such as hare, edible frog and sparrow, so try it one of them once.


Address: 〒110-0005
  Ueno 4-7-8, Taito-ku,Tokyo,Japan
Phone: 03-3833-5212
Fax: 03-3833-5212
Business hours: 10:00-20:00
Closed on: 3rd Wednsday



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