They got the whole package- Aeon mall Makuharitoshin

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Looking for the whole package?
Entertainment, shopping, and gourmet food… Life would be so simple and happy if you had all these at once.
But, this impossible has become possible thanks to the Aeon mall Makuharitoshin.


Starting off with food! The first floor “Gourme-guri” includes 25 shops.
The ” Kirin Smile Factory” by Kirin, the “6PPARK” by Yukijirushi Megumilk,  and “Calbee plus” by Calbee, which are all great food makers that represent Japan with their first attempt to have a store.

Moving on to the restaurant zone on the 2nd floor, “The Grand Diners”.
Ready to stuff your face with 14 different kinds of scrumptious goodness?
The restaurant floor offers great ox tongue steak, tempura from ” Shinjuku Tsunahachi”, and the new “100 spoons” by Soup Stock Tokyo.

Feeling the hot air and fire, the 3rd floor presents the “LIVE KITCHEN”. 18 of the well chosen gourmet line ups. With a relaxing atmosphere with 1,300 seats, they also provide a bar counter which adults can enjoy.


For those interested in pop culture, this floor with the concept of “COOL JAPAN” is totally it for you. With the name of “JAPAN POP JUNGLE” , it offers “Gundam cafe” ” Tetsudou Cafe” (A cafe of Japanese trains) and  “COSPA ASIA” which are character goods.

Wanting to crack up and and laugh off your miserable day?
The “Next Generation Entertainment Zone” includes not only comedy, but also dance performances, idol performances and culture schools presented by comedians from the authentic ” Yoshimoto Makuhari Aeon mall theatre”. They also have the “D-BOX” installed, which the seats moves with the movie scenes.

One of the greatest characteristics of this mall is that it has a lot of event spaces, which includes the “Grand court”, “Aeon court”, the “Hobby court”, and the multi-purpose hall “Aeon hall”.

You can tell they really thought about the outdoor spaces with the “Grand Square” which 1000 people can enjoy the event spaces, and the “Green Walk”, “Kaze no Oka”, which the Garden Artist “Ishihara Wakou” created for you to have a relaxing stroll.

Not feeling the green? Don’t worry. You can go to the observatory deck on the 4th floor, which allows you to absorb the beautiful Tokyo Bay. At this “Grand Terrace”, you can enjoy the fireworks in the summer. Since Makuhari has a lot of International event, they even have a praying room on the 2nd floor for Islamic customers. 

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