The U-can New words & Buzzwords Awards 2013

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The U-can New words & Buzzwords Awards, which is held once a year at its end and I have referred to here, was held Dec.2nd. ( For the first time in its history, four words have been chosen as Grand prix at the same time this year.

The Buzzwords  Grandprix  2013 are as follows;

●”Omotenashi” (/Japanese hospitality)

●”Baigaeshi”(/double the pay back)



“Omtenashi” was used in the speech of  Christel Takigawa for presentation for Olympics games in 2020. “Baigaeshi” is a pet phrse  of the main character of a popular TV drama “Hanzawa Naoki” who tries to make a vengeance for his father against a bad boss in a influential bank in 2013.   “Jejeje” is a “wow!” for a surprize and a kind of a dialect word of  Iwate pref., which was often used in a dialogue of a very popular TV drama “Amachan” in 2013.  “Imadesho” is a well-known pet phrase of  Osamu Hayashi a popular teacher of a renowned clam school for entrance exams for universities.

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