Aeon mall Makuhari Shintoshin – from SFX to job simulation

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This gigantic family mall  themed park provides SFX to simulating jobs.

The keyword to this family mall is ” 3 generations of children oriented family”.
I’m sure we’ve all spotted  our family members resting at mall couches, yawning, looking bored while you shop for your outfits from your wish list.
With this mall, every generation can enjoy. They provide you work simulations, entertainment museums, antenna shops, and 80 stores that allows you to share these excitements with  your families.

The first floor serves “Family fashion and life style floor”, which includes ” Miraiya Shoten”. They started a new type of business, “Miraiya no Mori”which is an area that allows kids to simulate and experience.

4 groups are created, which are”Meisaku Ehon Museum”, ” Kid’s science”, ” Kid”s Atelir”, and “Kid”s kitchen”. All of them alluring kid’s interest is a definite fun zone for them. A “kid”s self cash register” lets kids experience punching and ringing in bills (All kid’s dreams, eh?!). Thinking of gifts? No worries. Concierge will give great suggestions of picture books and gifts. Work shops and simulating events are held often.

This floor also has the Daiso’s pop goods stores, “papipupePOKKE” and the famous eyewear store “ZOFF” where you and your family can choose your favorite pair. Their new store “Zoff Marche” are now opened too.

The 2nd floor is the “Kid”s fashion and Life style” floor, where Aeon’s children related goods are sold, and  the most spacious,”Kid‘s Republic” is made.
Fashion, toys, stationaries makes the whole package. “Molly’s fantasy” next door is a mini kid’s size indoor themed park for under 12 kids. The character LALA pops up in 3D and hits some groovy dance moves when you lift it to the monitor.


“HYSTERIC MINI”, “Barbie”, and “Jill Stuart New York” ; total of 20 stores are opened for the baby and kids casual zone. The selected store ” Ribbon hakka kids” built “Cafe R” for families to enjoy and chat over a nice cup of coffee.

Moving on the the 3rd floor! The hot spot of this mall, which a lot of entertainment spots are gathered. Kids can simulate their future and dream jobs here. The first and ever job simulation park in Japan!
Policemen, travel agency, banks and radio stations. The list keeps going on! After a hard day of work (for the kids obviously!) “Venue” provides delicious menus with 530 seats for your family to relax and eat.

For the herotic boys, the entertainment museum”Toei Hero World” lets yourexperience the hero attractions.Not only the hero body suits and goods are displayed, but hero inspired dishes are savoured in this cafe for kids, and fans to enjoy.

The first Kuriyama Beika’s simulating antenna shop, the “Bakauke circus” lets you make your one and only “bakauke”. 600 seats and built in the food court ” Gochisou park”, which serves MARCO’s Kitchen, and other shops (total of 8) provides scrumptious dishes.
For those who wants to just relax, the  big roof top “Sky Park” and stages and fountains for mini events can be enjoyed as well.


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