Shopping, Eating AND work out!?- Makuharishintoshin AEON mall

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Active AEON mall supported by pro athletes.
Why not get shopping, lunch and exercise all done at AEON mall.

“Active mall” provides you from sports to electronics, fulfilling all your needs. Japan’s largest ” experiencing sports mall”. Running, futsal, tennis, and sports goods where you can actually experience. Not only for sports lovers, but children to adults are able to have the time of their life here.


The hilite of this “Active mall” is the large sports goods chain store  “Sports Authority”. The largest scale sports store in Japan, which dominates the mall from the 1st to 3rd floor with approximately 14,884㎡. Wether you are a sports newbie or a pro athlete, they have an overwhelming amount of products and services.


The first floor are floor for the outdoor folks, which allows you to experience trecking, camp floor and the exciting 430㎡ indoor rockclimbing studio PEKIPEKI. Let your inner spiderman come out and make your way up. There are 3 different courses for children, beginners and advanced climbers. I kid you not, but more to come. This floor also provides you with a 3 on 3 court, a camp space, and an event space called “Sports Authority court” with 9 6o inch large screen to enjoy athlete’s talk show and events.


The second floor is the sports fashion and team sports floor with a driving range and a soccer space . “Repair making factory” is a repair shop for baseball gloves and all sports related goods. For the big baseball fan, this floor is definitely for you. A former pro baseball player gives you advices on skills and training. Once again, they have another Japan’s biggest scale shop; The NIKE basketball shop.



Introducing the 3rd floor: personal sports, and health beauty floor. For golf, Japan’s biggest practise shaft with a fitting “shaft museum” as well as a “golf simulating” area. Using a cool gadget “FOOTLAB” that sizes and measures your running and sole pressure, it chooses the most suitable pair of shoes for you.
“Charge-up cafe” that customizes your menu personally, “Exercise cram school” for children, “Sports Clinic”, “Conditioning Centre” and “Relaxation” for rehabs and body maintenance.
On top of that, the roof top provides 3 indoor tennis courts and 2 nighter futsal courts.
Now, instead of hitting the gym, hit this mall!


Also having sports related shops, the first floor provides the Japan’s largest experiencing and discovery cycle zone, “CYCLE TERRACE”. With sports bike , goods, and apparel fashion pieces. Because they carry expensive bicycles, they installed a system where you can test ride around. So choose your bicycle and ride around to find the one that suits you best!
Finally, MURASAKI BOARDERS FACT which specializes in snowboard, surfing, skateboards , they also provides you with an awesome service of skate ramp and a cafe.


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