AEON mall Makuharishintoshin -5 A mall for pets

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Pets have become a necessity in life for some people.
Keeping you company and adding color to your life, pets now have the same privilege as us human.

The biggest “Pet mall” in Japan  is a great place for cats and dog lovers, since it provides all your needs and supports your pets needs to have a comfy life.
With a 24 hour hotel and hospital, it allows you to train, give rehabs and offer a total support for cats, dogs and senior pets.



With the innovative theme of ” Things x Products x Service”, a two story PECOS offers a liberating space for both of you and your pet to relax. The 2000 square metre space gives many services to fulfill your pet’s life. A nice splash in the pool is good in the summer even for dogs!

Cats and dogs want some beauty services too! The first floor is the “Service and Solution floor” which beauty salon and training services are offered. With the perfect cut, your dog can look metro on its special day too. Pet owners are able to watch their pet getting their hairdo incase it may not be the one you were asking for!

From senior dogs to gigantic ones, this mall can accommodate any dogs. Pro trainers offers anti aging, mind training and dog’s sports course. Not one size fits all. They suggest the suitable lifestyle for each age group, and your pets can take advantage of the spacious dog run space.



The enticement of this mll is the “AEON vet centre/ AEON vet night emergency centre”, and the pet hotel ” Pet Royale” which are operated 24 hours.
With different vets specializing in different areas, they provide the newest medical services which includes a rehab pool and hydro therapy.
With more than 100 rooms in the hotel, staffs are on board 24 hours to play and give your pet a nice walk. Finally, for those with senior pets, aging care service and medical care service are installed.

The second floor ” Life style shop” offers a wide variety of goods. Suggesting a new type of life style, which includes natural products, delis and sweets, and pet motifs goods. Using healthy and trust worthy ingredients, the “Deli and sweets” section sells savoury delis  and bread for pets, and even a fancy  birthday cake to celebrate and party hard with your pets!
For those wanting to have a nic meal with your pets, an eat in section is installed and those who want to cook for their lovely pets, a cooking school is built inside. Making a nice healthy hearty meal, your pet’s stomach will be happy and filled with joy.
Lastly, those fashionista pets our there, the fashion goods store, “Harness dog” is there to go hard on shopping.

Other than these exciting services mentioned, “DOUTOR coffee shop” is the perfect cafe to chill out with a nice cup of cappuccino. To add icing on the cake, a pet photo shoot studio ” Sudio wan wan ( ruff ruff in Japanese)” and “Aquarium stage 21” is there to enjoy offers an entertaining time.


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