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Artisan’s handmade leather goods for long use



Albuquerque is a store specializing in leather goods and Indian jewelries, which has been running business in the AmeyokoPlaza more than 20 years.

The proprietor cares on selecting handmade belts, purses, bags, and other small leather articles for long use. Most popular items in their stock are purses, which count over 100, categorized in styles and leather materials. “ALBUQUERQUE” sells various leather and silver goods under famous brands, such as L.C/Croppers/OPUS /DAKOTA/Silver King/BURN BURN/SPRIT WINDS/SARN/CALF/Taka Fime Leather/Nocona/Natural Hands/LEFTY/One’s WarKer/K’C/BOTA, and American Indian jewelries.

As well as putting names on the leather goods, they accept full-order from their customers and after care service. Indian jewelries are also very popular, which are purchased directly at the American Indian reservations by the proprietor.



“ALBUQUERQUE” opened in April, 1992.


At the beginning of their business, the proprietor had really a hard time for running business. They tried to learn ABC of leather from their artisans and makers, and getting know-how from technical books. Sometimes, they could not find any good solution about their customers’ questions on leather. Even that they never give up and trying to learn one by one through their business. Now they are really experts in their business and giving good advice to their customers.

The 2nd shop “Stow”


Their second shop “Stow” was opened in October, 1998.




In addition, they opened the third shop “ALBUQUERQUE 88” on March 1, 2006. The 3rd shop sells rather small size items, such as leather wallets, belts, buckles, leather bags, and silver goods. Brands are L,C・CROPPERS、Kc’s、Opas、One’s、Natural Hands, and others.

In 2008, “ALBUQUERQUE 88” has been expanded over to next-door space, room 87 in AmeyokoPlaza, and therefore, much variety of items is displayed.

88 expantion


As well as in “ALBUQUERQUE”, you can find various kinds of leather goods here. Leather is carefully selected and furnished by skilled craftsmen for each goods. Their hand-made leather goods are very attractive, easy to handle, and durable.


The carving corner for “ALBUQUERQUE”

carving A


As the carving corner for “ALBUQUERQUE” new place was opened on April 16, 2010, in the room 108 of the AmeyokoPlaza. However, the corner has been replaced to room 92 in August, 2013. Variety stock of Western fashion items is available here. Orthodox Western style leather goods are all handmade by good skilled craftsmen. High quality of these goods attracts their customers. Leather belts, purses, and bags are manufactured piece by piece by long experienced craftsmen. They occasionally visit USA for purchasing high quality Indian jewelries.


Custom-made good

If you could not find any favorable one among ready-made leather goods, or you like to purchase the exact same size and style of leather goods of your old one, why don’t you make special order? Our good craftsmen will make your favorite leather good according to your suggested size, color, and design.


After-sale repair service

“ALBUQUERQUE” cares all their goods even after sales and provides good after-sale repair services in very reasonable fees. The fee for repair is depended on how long their customer used or conditions of good itself, and is set after consultation with their artisans. Of course, some of them are impossible to repair because of too long use, but most of them can be revived. Even leather goods purchased at other shops can be accepted for repair. Silver or golden made goods are also acceptable for repair.



Address: 〒110-0005 # 98, Ameyoko   Plaza
Ueno 6-10-7-98, Taito-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Phone: 03-3836-3386
Business hours: 10:00-19:30
Closed on: 2nd Wed.


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