Wonder Woman? No! It’s Sailormoon lingerie

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We’ve all had our favorite childhood hero.
Wether you’re a boy or a girl. You close your eyes and imagine yourself saving the world, dressed up in their super hero costumes.

Even as an adult we still have that lingering feeling, wanting to be our dream hero.
Of course, unless it’s Halloween, sane adults would not sport a full on hero suit and commute.
But for those who want to be their hero for a day, the major lingerie brand ” PEACH JOHN” has made your dream come true.
They’ve created a Sailormoon lingerie, so people won’t be giving you the odd stare.

Sailormoon celebrating their 20th anniversary, they’ve collaborated with PEACH JOHN with their “BRA SET”, letting you be each of the Sailormoon characters. They also have 4 different kinds of PJs inspired by it.


Sailormoon starting their story in “NAKAYOSHI” from 1991, it has gained popularity beyond the border of Japan. Celebrating their anniversary, figures, cosmetics, musicals and new animes have been starting.
With the PEACH JOHN’s bra sets, ribbons are detachable for more conventional use.

The prices range from 1,800~4,980 yen, sold from end of February.

Now, let your inner hero come out!

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One Response to “Wonder Woman? No! It’s Sailormoon lingerie”

Comment from Borat
Time 20/02/2014 at 16:27

I approve of product for glorious Kazakhstan!

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