The new hot spot “COREDO Muromachi 2・3”

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A new hot spot opens in Tokyo Nihonbashi.



Actress Masami Nagasawa donned in a beautiful kimono, representing TOHO cinema Nihonbashi

On 3/20  COREDO Muromachi 2 and COREDO Muromachi 3 made their amazing entrance in Nihonbashi. Utilizing it’s history and culture at its best, it has 83 shops, which includes traditional shops, food and a wide selection of choices made from the bunch.


For those picky with alcohol, no worries. For those who wants to test Japanese sake, no worries! Savour every drip of these delectable sake at the ” Nihonshu (Japanese sake) bar”. It serves Niigata prefecture  sake house, ” Hakkaisan” ‘s products, as well as all types of foods to have the perfect marriage with the sake.


The sweet deal doesn’t just stop here. Get your hands on  “Daiginjo wasanbon” ring cake ( L/5000yen, S/3,200) sold exclusively in Nihonbashi. Made to perfection with Wasanbon and fresh butter, you can definitely experience the Edo period with the flavourful aroma. image007 image009 image012

The best part about “COREDO Muromachi 3” is the Japanese style rental space “Kyorakutei/Megurian” which sends out Nihonbashi style. With the elegant traditional Japanese tea room, you can emmerse yourself in Japanese culture. In a more spacious room, they offer tea ceremonies and a place to chat with your friends over a cup of nice tea. For those who wants to experience Japan, this is the place to go. Japanese tea ceremonies, kimonos and more are not only for Japanese people, but also for tourists.




The renowned traditional Japanese sweets store “Tsuruyayoshinobu (Tokyo)” located in Kyoto with over 200 years of great service, offers “kayujaja” which allows you to watch professional sweets chef creating their delicate yummy pieces. “Kyousabou” is the perfect place for those to chill and relax. “TSURUYA Pancake” is  another limited item that is offered only here. Getting their inspiration from Dorayaki, you can build your own “IROMONAKA” (2,300) using colorful monakas.




COREDO Muromachi 2 and COREDO Muromachi 3 is the part of the “Nihonbashi Muromachi  devlopment plan”, which is planning to recover FUKUTOKU, which has a history for more than 1,100 years.

So ,what are you waiting for? Go for a beautiful stroll near Nihonbashi and have the full blown experience!


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