JMSDF’s 2nd Escort Ship’s Curry Grand Prix in Yokosuka

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The Japan Maritime Self-defense Force (JMSDF) hosted “The 2nd Escort Ship’s Curry Grand Prix” in Yokosuka, Kanagawa Pref, on this April 19th. (






JMSDF has a custom of serving curried rice to the crew of the escort ships on Fridays and each ship has its own characteristic curry. Therefore,  this time the special competition of those curried rice dishes was held and ordinary civilians were able to join the festival to eat and vote for one of the dishes. Each dish cost 500 yen. Totally, 15 ships (15 types of curried rice) joined the event and “Strong taste curry”(/濃厚味わいカレー)of the Yokosuka Submarine Fleet won the grand prix. No.2 was “Choukai Special Seafood Curry”(/ちょうかい特製シーフードカレー) of Escort Ship Choukai and No.3 was “The Curry tasted by the Prime Minister”(/内閣総理大臣喫食カレー).  actually there are a lot of curried rice rstaurants that provide various curry dishes in Yokosuka. Coincidentally, I was in Yokosuka on that April 19th and saw a lot of people standing in lines waiting for their turns to come in front of  popular curry restaurants in that city.



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