Innerwear like outerwear. Mix’n match your lingeries!

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More freedom and more enjoyment.  The innerwear coordinate shop, AMPHI FUL FRU.
Let your inner bomb shell come out with these tasteful lingeries!


The major lingerie brand, WACOL opened a new lingerie coordinate shope “AMPHI FUL FRU” on March 14th (Fri) at Lalaport Tokyo bay, and expanded its shop through out Japan. The concept of this store is to choose your lingerie as if you’re choosing your outfit. Wouldn’t be nice to feel that excitement from your lingerie?

The shop is inspired by “Fruit shops in Scandinavia”. These lingeries resemble colourful fresh fruit.  Let the colour pop and burst and enjoy lingeries with colours from every palette.

image003 image005

There are 8 dominant colours of bras and panties, with 3 types of bras for each colour, and 12 different types of panties which offers your 36 different possibilities with one colour, and endless variations if you mix and match them.
This store offers you a complete different concept on buying lingeries. You can see beautiful arrays of rainbow colours  once you step in to the store. You will feel like a kid at a candy store, overwhelmed with great choices.

The shop designer / creative director choose Yuni Yoshi as their art director. She is knows by her mystical art sense, who definitely appreciates sense of humour with art and fashion.


(Kyari pamyu pamyu X Momoiro Clover Z)

Can AMPHI FUL FRU can be the new trend setter for lingeries? Having the mantra of “more freedom and more enjoyment!”, it offers customers  innerwear like outerwear!


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