Hakone enjoys more than 20 million visitors

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Hakone, one of the most popular tourists’ destinations and hot spring resort  in Kanagawa Pref. near Mt. Fuji declared  it had been visited by 20,857,000 tourists (increased by 7.3 % compared to the year before) in 2013. (http://www.town.hakone.kanagawa.jp/) The town  visited by more than 20 million tourists for the first time in three years and the first time after the earthquake disaster in 2011 and the number is the highest since 1996.   hakoneashinokoimages

The one-day travelers number was 16,140,000 (increased by 9%) and that of those who stayed overnight was 4,717,000 (increased by 1.8 %).  The number of foreign visitors overnight reached 168,000, which the record high and increased by 80.5% compared to the minimum number of 63,000 in 2011 when the disaster occurred. The number of  foreign one-day tourists there is assumed to be about 482,000.  New faclities may be one of the sources that have attracted such high number of  visitors there.  It is said the primary sources of such an increase in the number may be the depreciation of Yen these days and relaxations of  visa conditions to tourists from asean countries. The number of people from US, China, Korea, Taiwan, and southeast Asian countries  visiting Hakone is amazingly increasing. The upcoming Tokyo Olympics may be a source of  such rising popularity of some area in Japan as well.202ad0465a9a33a959573476b159658b


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