Fantasy of becoming a Harajuku Lolita? Check!

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A Japanese celebrity ” Akina Minami” enjoyed her first experience on being a Lolita girl. Pictures are posted on her blog and has gotten many hypes for it.

Mountain like teased hair, long lashes and fancy lacey outfits. These may not sound like your typical wardrobe, but every girl has a fantasy inside them. A fantasy to become a Lolita princess <3



Minami visited a salon where you can experience being a Lolita. The store offers amazing service where you can choose your outfit, get your makeup done and have a complete make over. An awesome photo shoot will be followed after all of this.


Akina left a comment saying, ” The first time I wore a Lolita outfit for work, I was super stoked!”.


She also got a “Lolita 101″. Being a Lolita isn’t just about looking cute with adorable dresses and pink curly wigs in pigtails. With joy, Akia said ” Apparently, Lolitas smile without showing their teeth. I got a chance to to learn about Lolitas today. My photos turned out pretty okay, so I’ll post them”. She seems like she’s into Lolitas, ” I have a thing for Kyoko Fukada’s Lolita movie, “Kamikaze girls”. I’m watching her DVD now lol.”


It was a double amazing cast of Kyoko Fukada and Anna Tsuchiya, which was aired in 2004 in the theatres. The story is about a Lolita and  a rebel befriending, although it seems like a rather peculiar combination.

For those who wants to experience a couple of hours being a princess, why not try?

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