Meow! A cute visitor from the future- “Tora no mon”

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June 11th, the his rise building ” Toranomon Hills” mascot character “Toranomon” was presented.

The concept of “Toranomon” is a business robot (opposed to business men ) who traveled down from 100 years in the future to built the future Tokyo. This perfect collaboration was created with “Doraemon’s” Fujiko Pro and Mori building.

This cute, robot may ring the bell to the cat shaped robot all of us are familiar with. The head and the body is white, while the nose and the neck is colored grey. This cutsie also has ears too. Not only businesses, and hotels, but it includes offices with the Toranomon hills logo.


image002 image004

It also includes residence, 30 floors worth of offices, hotels, restaurants and the biggest high rise tower in the Toranomon ward.


image005 image006

Located on the first block of Tokyo Minato ward Toranomon, it is 247m tall with 52 stories. You should definitely prepare yourself with a sore neck looking up this building. Next to the Tokyo Midtown, is a super high rise building. Office (6-35th floor), residence (37-46th floor), 24 businesses (1-4th floor) and on top of that, the conference institution “Toranomon Hills Forum” (4 and 5th floor) as well as Japan’s first luxurious hotels ” Unders Tokyo.

Preparing for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Toranomon definitely did a great job!


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