“Ju-on; The Beginning of The End”” released

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The newest  installment movie of “Ju-on”, the most scary horror work series according to some survey, released at theaters on Jun.28. (http://www.juon-movie.jp/) , (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ju-on_(franchise), (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ju-on:_The_Beginning_of_the_End), (http://eigapedia.com/movie/ju-on-owari-no-hajimari)


The newest work is “Ju-on, The Beginning of The End”(Juon, Owari-no Hajimari) and is the seventh installment to the series.  “Juon” means  a “grudge” and basic story is that people who visit a house where brutal murders took place before are cursed to death by the infuriated vengeful ghosts that were the victims of the murders. A victim of the curse to death becomes a new vengeful ghost to kill other people and stories of those chain reactions of curses and deaths  spreading out are described in such a manner of somewhat independent episodes. Three of the currently released works, “The Grudge”,”The Grudge 2″, and “The Grudge 3 ” were made in Hollywood as US versions and the first two made a huge success as movies run at theaters and the third was released as a dvd software.

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