Famous singer family models for a new global brand

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A new brand, “KOE” from Cross Company made their first appearance this month.
The famous Japanese singer, CHARA who’s known for her quirky looks and a distinct voice modeled for the brand with her daughter who is a model.



On July 3rd, Cross Company released their new brand “KOE” at Roppongi Hills Areana.  The singer CHARA and her daughter SUMIRE who is a model was chosen for the brand ambassador. The ever first store is going to open on September 26th in Okayama city, and will make their way out globally.



The mega brand celebrates their 20th anniversary, with their popular brand “earth music&ecology” and “THOM BROWNE. NEW YORK” opened in 25 countries mainly in Asia, with approximately 1,088 stores. The company’s first SPA brad “KOE” will debut in 2014 fall. The concept of this brand is ” Mode for everyone.” Their target customers are 30-40’s men and women, as well as kids, junior and expected mothers. The main focus is to offer real mode to everyone.

The meaning of “KOE” is translated to “VOICE” in Japanese.



The company built a “Fair supply chain” which is concerned and restrains many problems the fashion world is carrying. These include the background of production, such as ethics, and work environment. The brand name comes from the idea of ” to listen to every creature’s voice.”which leads to the production of items without using real leather and fur. Therefore, the prices are affordable, which estimates to be around 8,000 yen.

The established location of Cross Company is Okayama City, which where the first shop is going to open. It is going to be a flagship, which roughly spaces outs to 522m3.


Chara and her daughter, and the commercial where CHARA’s new song is played is aired. In October, the company plans to expand it’s store in Takamatsu and Niigata, as well as 7 more shopes in 2016, which totals up to 15 stores in Japan. They aim for one trillion yen with the caption ” World’s number 1 brand. ”


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