Goeido being promoted to the ozeki rank

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Goeido, a sekiwake-rank sumo wrestler, was promoted to the ozeki(one step higher rank from sekiwake and the second highest only to the yokozuna) by the Japan Sumo Association with the unanimous decision of its  members of the directors of board on Jul.30th. He will be an ozeki- wrestler from the next Grand Sumo sutumn tournament of Sep.14-28 at Ryogoku Kokugikan(National Sport Stadium) in Tokyo.


Goeido(Gotaro Sawai) was the first ozeki after Kakuryu’s promotion,who is currently a yokozuna-wrestler, in spring 2012 and the very first one in three years as a Japanese-born wrestler following  Kisenosato in 2011.   Goeido energetically keeps his postition as a sekiwake for 12 consecutive tournaments since 2007, which is the record-long after Showa era, after having started his career as a sumo wrestker in 2005. This year, he defeated two yokozuna, Hakuho and Kakuryu and the total score 12winning to 3 losses, which is quite excellent. He also says he would like to realize his Yamato Damashii(/the Japanese Spirit) in his new coming career. Currently all the three yokozuna-wrestkers are from Mongolia and a lot of people may expect him to regain a glory of the Japanese national sport.

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