The secret to the popular anime, ” Youkai Watch”

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“Youkai Watch” is a popular anime in demand right now, appearing on game, anime, manga and other medias. It is a popular anime amongst elementary school students.


The popular character Gibanyan!

In a nutshell, an elementary school student was handed a watch that lets you befriends with “Youkai” ( specter) from all over the city.

In July 2013, a Nintendo 3DS game was released  and as on 2014 April, it sold 100 thousand copies. Since January, an anime was aired from TV TOkyo, and has stated that it has captured many viewers unexpectedly. The sales of the goods have been  rising as well as the anime. A toy watch where you can insert the “Youkai medal” already sold 300 thousand in just a month.



The trend setter Mr.Hino has said that the biggest asset of “Youkai Watch” is that the main character has no distinct characteristic.

” Recently, characters with no distinct characteristic is thought to be unlikeable than characters like Nobitakun from Doraemon who just sucks at everything. The main character for Youkai Watch is just your Average Joe. The most appealing element is that everyone can related to him.
Interestingly, what makes it relatable is that the anime approaches real problems that children are experiencing, such as children who can not defecate. Because these creatures are designed cute, it appeals to girls too.

image005 image006

As of today, the sales for game has risen over 100 thousand pieces, and the popularity of the anime is still extremely popular. Related goods are difficult to get because of its insane popularity. Parents are reluctant to buy these goods for their children who has been nagging for it!


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