Funashi, the ulitmate comforting character

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The ultimate comforting character, Funashi cafe opens in Shibuya Parco Part 1 (7th floor) on September 2nd.

It’s the first full on Fuashi cafe and is limited until the 30th of this month. So, if you’re a big Funashi fan, you better hurry so you won’t miss out on your chance! There are arrays of cute Funashi menus, such as burgers (1,280 yen) tea (580yen) and so on.


The decor includes Funashi everywhere, and there is a spot for customers to take pictures with a giant Funashi plushie.

They also sell official goods.


This cute comforting character is a “pear fairy” ( pear in Japanese is NASHI) from Chiba prefecture Funabashi city. Funashi aims to activate the city and act as a singer, voice actor and other entertainers.


Around 2011, poor Funashi was not yet accepts as an official character, and had to do events alone. Gradually its popular increased and made a huge break through on TV in 2013. As of now with an extreme amount of popularity, he is not an official character of Funabashi city.


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