Washi, Japanese-style paper recommended intangible cultural heritage

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Agency for Cultural Affairs  anounced washi(Japanese-style paper) and its traditional manual making techniques were recommended as a World Intangible Cutural Heritage by the affiliated organization to UNESCO on this 28th.(http://www.bunka.go.jp/english/index.html)



There has been no case that recommended item be turned down at the official process of UNESCO ,and  washi and related techniques are highly expected to be listed on the heritages of UNESCO at the coming inter-governmental committee  at  the headquarters in Paris on the Nov.24th.


The handmade washi and its culture are traditional items since the 8th century and there have been some different schools and approaches. This time three schools of  Sekishu-banshi from Hamada City in Shimane Pref., Honmino-shi from Mino City in Gifu Pref., and Hosokawa-shi from Ogawa Town and Higashi-chichibu Village in Saitama Pref.  have been recommended. Sekishu-banshi was registered as a heritage in 2009 but Honmino-shi was not because it was regarded  quite similar to Sekishu-shi method, Therefore, this time all of the three were re-applied as “washi” as a whole.  The mayor and civil- servants of Ogawa Town expressed their joy in jumping  upon receiving the notice of the recommendation.

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