MUJI, the simple, clean and the beautiful brand

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MUJI is a lifestyle brand that creates products to enhance your life style with the concept of their own aesthetics of ” a good life”.


” Our lifestyle is made from living with various kinds of products.” For example, you have a chair you always sit on at home.  Thinking that you are “living with the chair” adds fullness to your life.” said the product planner Kanei Masaaki.

“You leave your office at 6:30, come home listen to music, watch tv, spend the time with your family surrounded by the life style products you chose. There’s nothing more healthy than this life style. This is what is a called a good life.”

Kanei himself is still experimenting what he calls ” a good life”.


” I only do what I enjoy at home lol. Taking my dog  for a walk, and shopping for interiors and decors. I enjoy eating seasonal food with simple cooking style. I think thats why I don’t feel stressed from work. Actually, I respect the MUJI brand, so it’s natural for me not to feel stressed nor tired.”

MUJI brand was created in the 80’s when an affluent life style was in trend. MUJI searched for “beauty” in simple products. This is the answer to their long quest of their product and brand imaging.

” And one day, I believe MUJI will become a world renown word. I believe in it.”


Recently, MUJI has expanded to China.  Amongst other similar concept brands, it is said that UNIQLO and MUJI are the only brands that are making a profit in China.

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