US Ambassador Kennedy thanks the donor of the hina dolls to JFK after 53 years

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US Ambassador Caroline Kennedy gave a video clip of  appreciation to the donor of  hina doll set  that was given to  the late John .F. Kennedy, the-then US president 53 years ago this Feb.26th.  C.Kennedy  had long searched for the donor of  the special present to her father before she finally found the person with the US embassy staff. kennedyhinaningyouimages


The donor is Ms. Taeko Matsumoto (92 yrs) in Kitami City Hokkaido. Hina dolls are special dolls  representing ancient emperors, empresses, courtiers and their styles and  are decorated on the Girls’ Day falling on March 3rd to wish for a girl’s good fortune and health.  This time the dolls proved to be a rapport between  Japan and US.

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