Foreign visitors to Japan Record high in March

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The monthly number of foreigners visiting Japan achieved the record high in this March, reported JNTO(Japan National Tourist Organization) on April 22nd.  The number reached as many as 1,526,000 which marked a  45 % increase of  the number of  the same month last year. The March’es number also prevailed the number of  last month which was 1,380,000 and maked the record high which was also the first time to mark a number over 1.5 million.



The sources of this drastic increase are said to be the weak yen, relaxed visas systems, expanding scopes of  duty free items, and so forth. The no.1 nationality to have come to Japan is Chinese (338,000, +83.7%), No.2 is Taiwanese(278,000, +33.2% ), and No.3 is Korean(268,200, +39.6%). The monthly numbers of visitors from HongKong, Vietnam,US,Canada,UK,and Germany  recorded high as of one month respectively.


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